Join us and enjoy full access to our 9 hole golf course in the heart of London. We are an equal opportunities club. The course is accessible to members every day of the year from dawn till dusk.


membership fees

There is no joining fee for any member category.

  • Seven Day £570  (£47.50) per month)

  • Restricted 7 Day £500 (£41.66 per month)

  • 5 day £450 (£37.50 per month)

  • Social £50

  • Country £60

  • Juniors 12-17 years  £50

  • Juniors 8-11 years £25

  • Locker ( Per Annum) £20

As the Aquarius is built on and around an operational reservoir, part of our agreement with Thames Water is that visitors can only play as guests of members.


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We invite you to play a courtesy round, so that you can see what you get for your money and how to play the course safely as we have a number of blind shots.

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